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writer & editorial director

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1. Us & Our Planet: This is How We Live (Phaidon, 2022) [AUTHOR]

Ever since the 1950s, IKEA retailers have visited homes all over the world to find out more about how we live. Inspired by this approach, I worked with IKEA and Phaidon to conceptualise, commission and edit a book that explores the greatest challenge of our generation – living sustainably – through the lives of activists, artists, athletes, entrepreneurs and many more. In the book, we visit homes, workplaces and shared spaces from Mexico to Moscow, Bali to Beirut to find useful, practical ways we can all improve how we live, and lessen our impact on the planet. 

Featuring photography by: Sahil Babbar, Matthew Donaldson, Takashi Homma, Ari Marcopoulos, Mo Mfinanga, Awuor Onyango, Georgui Pinkhassov, Barbara Probst, Pia Riverola, Casper Sejersen and Hugo Yu.

Featuring interviews by: Jade George, Brianna Holt, Joanna Kawecki, Gautami Reddy, Liv Siddall, Bendana Tewari, Haydée Touitou and Daisy Woodward.

2. Studio Cookbook volume three (Hato Press, 2023) [EDITOR]

In this new contribution to a long line of artist cookbooks, I invited friends, family and collaborators of Hato Press to share a recipe they eat as part of their working day. The book features 37 dishes spread across four chapters – Snacks, Mains, Sweets and Drinks.

Contributors include: Polly Brown, Haydée Touitou, Lexie Smith, Marie Jacotey, Martino Gamper, Nifemi Marcus Bello, Fumiko Imano, Toogood, Celia Pym, Jacob Lillis, Ryan Gander, and Wilfrid Wood.

3. SELFIE by Ken Kagami [EDITOR]

From Homer Simpson to Snoopy, characters play a central role in Ken Kagami’s drawing practice. Every morning when he arrives at his studio, he chooses from his collection of masks, costumes and other props, creates a character and takes a phone selfie in his bathroom mirror – the result by turns surreal, strange, hilarious and unnerving.

A warm-up exercise of sorts, this process has become a key part of his daily routine, foregrounding all of his other artistic experiments. In SELFIE, his first-ever photographic publication, he shares 114 of the resulting self-portraits.

4. Zine Series (2023-24) [EDITOR]

The Hato Press Zine Series explores the work of artists through the medium of risograph printing. I commissioned the Hato Press Zine Series from 2023-2024, creating a bi-monthly riso-printed publication in close collaboration with artists, photographers, designers, writers and other makers. The series included zines, signed artist editions, apparel and other objects. 
L-R, top to bottom:
No.37 Breakfast Food for Dinner by Haydée Touitou
No.38 McDonald’s by Charlie Kwai
No.39 Tragedy by Polly Brown
No.40 Distant Egghug by Peter McDonald
No.41 Jogging with Shopping by Shahram Saadat
No.42 Visible Vehicle Repairs by Daniel Eatock
No.43 Studies for a Painted Home by Marie Jacotey
No.44 Emoticons Don’t Have Wrinkles by Luna Maurer and Roel Wouters
No.45 A Good Day by Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck
No.46 Last Summer by Joe Cruz